Dear Kobe


Dear Kobe,


From the moment

We saw the work ethic you’d bring

And your tireless pursuit

Of championship rings

We knew one thing was real:


We fell in love with you.


But not an uncomplicated love — 

From resentment, anger and frustration

To awe and admiration.


As six-year old kids,

We not only saw you on TV

But ourselves in your shoes

Dreaming of ticking clocks,

of game-winning shots.


And so we dreamed.

Trash cans became hoops

Driveways became packed arenas

Taking contested jumpers with no one around,

clock counting down

Shouting “Kobe!”


But this, this we never dreamed.

You were supposed to turn gray

to see GiGi in the WNBA

And yourself in the Hall of Fame,

a father and ambassador of the game

Those plans, unseamed.


Words aren’t apt to describe death,

just a vicious part of growing up

But to our childhood,

you are a portal

we aren’t ready to let go

A basketball immortal.


So, we’ll always be those kids

Crumpled paper in hand

Trash bin across the room

Rising for no one to see

5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1




Written in the style of Kobe Bryant’s “Dear Basketball.”

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